Prescriptions and Recommendations


  • As soon as you arrive, take a look at the existing routes of departure,
  • The direction of departure will normally be behind you or sideways and is indicated by appropriate signs,
  • To get away, do not cross the boundaries that may be present in areas,
  • In case of need, the security personnel can open the specially prepared and indicated gates,
  • To avoid dangerous overcrowding, maintain a respectful distance from those around you,
  • Do not sit down and/or do not let children sit on the boundaries,
  • Do not lean on and/or climb on the existing boundaries,
  • If you need help, contact a security officer,
  • You provide help to those around you who need it.
  • Do not climb on the monuments, taking into account that the show is appreciated with observation from the plane of the public street


Within the event area is NOT allowed:

- introduce large backpacks, suitcases, trolleys, with the exception of people who show to have a reservation at an accommodation in the controlled area (bags will be subject to control)

- climb on balustrades, parapets and other structures located in the event area;

- occupy the routes reserved for rescue vehicles;

- create an obstacle to the regular flow of people along the routes intended for the exodus;

- to introduce or hold arms, explosive material, pyrotechnic devices, smoke generators, signal rockets, stones, chains, knives or other pointed or cuttings;

- introduce bicycles or other means of transport, except those necessary for persons with mobility difficulties;

- introduce and store drinks in glasses or glass bottles and/or cans;

- introduce poles or sticks (excluding medical supplies and umbrellas);

- compressed gas and/or flammable spray cans, with particular reference to pepper sprays

- bring bicycles or other means of transport, except those necessary for people with mobility difficulties

It is advisable to use transparent containers instead of backpacks and bags in order to speed up the inspection process.

Useful Information

People counting procedure

People who access the event areas are counted through a smartphone application, which allows you to instantly evaluate the crowding. If the maximum number of people is reached, corresponding to 14,200, the access gates are closed while waiting for the number of people to decrease thanks to the exits.

Guidance system and safety signs

The streets and squares involved in the event are equipped with a system of signs designed to allow information to bystanders and the orderly removal of those present.

The signs are placed on poles or on the facades of buildings, at a height that allows easy identification.

Way out routes lighting

Luminous totems in inflatable fabric are used to clearly identify the ways away from the city space and to increase the degree of illuminance of the area.

Traffic patterns and parking areas

To flow through the area of the event, the population is invited to consider the area in its ordinary configuration, walking the streets in accordance with the directions of the highway code.

Signs in the area