Event Safety Information

Official Calendar

On the occasion of the most important events of the Venice Carnival 2020, a specific Security Plan has been prepared, which sets out for each day the security measures as well as the behavioural rules and evacuation procedures to be followed.

  • Remember that the event you are attending is a public event with free access to the areas of the historic center of the city of Venice, which has the particularity of being characterized by its narrow streets, of varying sizes, and for the foundations, which have a freeboard overlooking the canals.
  • Some areas, in particular those of the old town close to the event, will be subject to access restrictions for reasons related to the absence of congestion of the fields and / or the road network.


General requirement

  • For any need, contact the staff of the organization
  • It is not allowed to introduce large backpacks, suitcases, trolleys, with the exception of people who show to have a reservation at an accommodation in the controlled area (bags will be subject to control)
  • Climbing on balustrades, parapets and other structures located in the event area is not permitted
  • It is not allowed to create an obstacle to the regular flow of people along the routes intended for the exodus
  • It is not permitted to introduce or hold weapons, explosive material, pyrotechnic devices, smoke bombs, signaling rockets, stones, chains, knives or other pointy or cutting objects; only the introduction of reproduction of white weapons is permitted
  • It is not allowed to introduce and keep drinks in glasses or glass bottles and / or cans
  • It is not allowed to introduce rods, sticks (excluding medical devices, umbrellas and ornaments)
  • It is not allowed to introduce compressed gas and/or flammable spray cans, with particular reference to pepper sprays
  • It is not allowed to bring bicycles or other means of transport, except those necessary for people with mobility difficulties
  • At the Control Points, the Police forces may request actions aimed at recognizing the person